Pure Intention

Today I want to talk about pure intention, something that continues to occupy my mind these days. Life is a form of creation. Once it’s created, it takes on a journey of its own. During the passage, we as navigators take turns, detours. No matter what we think we know about the destination, sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way it planned.

photo 1

Over the last three years, I begin a journey of coming home. Homecoming, by all means, isn’t going back to my physical home. It’s more of finding my original intention. Imagine I begin the journey at a point and then my path drew a circle and now I end up where I begin. Mentally.

The way I approach business and life is to think how it will become years or decades from now. Is it making an impact? Is it starting a conversation? Is it provoking actions? What’s my original intention?

I learn about this by observing nature. Nature has its own course, the pattern it forms, the age and the shape it transforms. Its intention is pure. So pure that it only has one purpose, which is to procreate. In other words, to continue its journey. It seeks cycle of life by doing the things right and constantly. When you look at a piece of leave, the lines on the leave is so beautiful that no human design or technology can completely mimic. It’s modest, considerate and long.

photo 2

I also think pure intention means that you are willing to give away unnecessary. In the creative process I am often challenged with too many ideas and yet few of them come to fruition. What does it mean by “Less is More”? It means taking out the unnecessary and only leaves the core. A sculptor would gradually chip away the wood until it reveals the true creation. Life is a process of learning to get rid of unnecessary.


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Entrepreneur, educator,social venture, storyteller, curator of TEDxTaipei, founder of The Big Question Conference, runner, traveler, design thinker.
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