許毓仁,國立政治大學英文系畢業,阿姆斯特丹 THNK 創意領袖學程 (School of Creative Leadership)畢業。
2008年創辦The Big Question Conference,鼓勵年輕人「問對的問題,走自己的路。」 2009年創辦TEDxTaipei, 期許打造華人說故事的平台, 自 2011年起也擔任 TED 亞洲區大使職務, 負責推廣TED 散播好點子 (ideas worth spreading) 的精神。 2013年共同創辦 MakerBarTaipei 3D列印空間   工作和求學足跡踏遍美澳中,曾追尋切.格瓦拉的腳步在中南美洲流浪半年。曾任Taiwan News主筆室翻譯、Nike教育訓練講師,曾跟聯合國教科文組織(UNESCO)到西安做永續經營的都市規劃,並和朋友在舊金山車庫創業,遊走跨界領域。


Jason Hsu is co-founder of The Big Questions, an innovation consultancy that focuses on future of education and learning. Jason also curates TEDxTaipei conference and serves as TEDx Ambassador for Asia. Jason is passionate about using storytelling and new media to change education. Jason also co-founded MakerBarTaipei and currently serves as Chief Catalyst. MakerBar is Taiwan’s leading makerspace.


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